Why work with CA Honemaster?

At Honemaster we fully understand the difficulties and frustrations you can often face when dealing with multiple suppliers and contractors. That’s why at Honemaster we are committed to finding you solutions.

Over recent years, we have expanded our services enabling us to provide gun-drilling, deep hole boring, manual turning and CNC turning services on top of our traditional honing and subcontract facility specialising in hydraulic cylinder and piston rod refurbishment.

Services / Gun Drilling

Gun Drilling

Gun Drilling takes its name from the deep drilling of gun barrels but other uses include mold-making, die-making, and the manufacture of combustion engine parts such as crankcase and cylinder heads. The process can drill long straight holes in metal, wood, and some plastics with the coolant providing lubrication and cooling to the cutting edges and removing the swarf or chips from the hole resulting in an outstanding finish.

Expensive machinery means that many companies will look to an external company to complete their gun drilling.  

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Services / Deep Hole Boring

Deep Hole Boring

Deep Hole Boring is the most accurate method for the precise drilling of single holes in components required to increase the inside diameter of a cavity. This method also offers the tightest tolerances on multiple bore operations and achieves precise sizing, straightness and concentricity.

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Services/ Manual Turning

Manual Turning

Although many companies have made the move to full automation (CNC) manual turning remains part of our portfolio and is perfect for R&D, smaller projects and those which cannot be managed using programmed machines. Using our highly skilled team of manual machinists, we can assist you with jobs which require less costly production or for the production of your tight deadline requirements.
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Services / CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Our state of the art turning lathes have enabled us to diversify our offering by discovering new methods in CNC Turning to ensure we can cope with all of our partner requests. Programmed by our team of experts our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) precision manufacture allows us to secure and rotate matter with dual axis which, when moving at high speeds ensures fast processing and delivery of each job.
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Services / Traditional Honing

Traditional Honing

With countless years of experience, our team of specialist engineers are able to accommodate the vast majority of contract and one-off honing requests. We have several different horizontal and vertical machines in operation which gives us the flexibility to be able to hone a wide range of components in all diameters, lengths and materials.   

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Services/ Piston Rod Refurbishment

Piston Rod Refurbishment

Reconditioning a piston rod is a much more cost- effective solution to replacement. The implications of a worn rod include increased oil consumption and contamination of the lubrication system.  Our dedicated team of experts are masters in the art of hard chrome plating with over one hundred and fifty collective years of knowledge and experience.  Using traditional electro plating technology and high speed micro crack solutions, our hard chrome coatings are deposited to obtain close tolerances offering the very best in high corrosion and wear resistance.

We also have an impressive capacity for surface grinding with several centred and centreless grinding machines in operation. Our highly trained grinding technicians work hard to produce excellent surface finishes to extremely accurate diametrical tolerances.

Services/ Stockist of Tube and Chrome Bar

Stockists of Tube & Chrome Bar

At Honemaster we stock a wide range of smooth bore and honed bore tube and chrome plated bar.

We are also a specialist stockist of hard chrome plated stainless steel bar in grades 431 and 316 and honed stainless tube in grades 304 and 316.
Our tube and chrome plated bar can be supplied in most standard and non-standard diameters and bore sizes, cut to length with guaranteed next day delivery on stock items with NO minimum order restrictions.

Full traceability can be provided with test certificates and certificates of conformity available on request.

If you’re looking for a more bespoke size, then Honemaster specialise in manufacturing honed cylinder tube and stainless honed tube and stainless-steel bar to order and to your specification.

Services/ Sub Contracting

Sub Contracting

In addition to the precision services we offer, we are also happy to sub-contract to your requirements. We offer a variety of processes and services including: heat treatment, grinding, shot peen/blasting, gear cutting/grinding and coatings.